Building A Bankroll With Micro SNGs

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $1 - $3
  • Full-ring
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From this video you will learn where to start your SNG journey and how to build your first bankroll. Enjoy and leave a comment below.


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  • maniac


    I would like to ask what is the value for a non allin allin? Or why is that a nice play?
    That the opponent has to calculate more? We have to jam any flop if we are called right? I would just fold a non ai ai pre if I am on the bubble and see a mway pot is that correct?

    Can you please explain when do you complete from the sb due to the odds. You said hero should complete more but also fold a J4o.

    Did I get this right you would basically open any suited broadway hand from utg? Don't we get lots of mway pot at these stakes?

    Can you please explain when you use limp/shove from the sb? Vs aggro opponents with a hand we could shove pre anyway with a stack up to 25BB?

    Thanks a lot. Nice video.


  • ReDmiR


    Check-call, check-fold. Opponent can bluff!
  • CollinMoshman


    #3 Maniac: The idea is that you can induce a tight, distracted, or multi-tabling player into making a fold they otherwise wouldn't make. If called you will almost always get it AI at the flop.

    Yes, you can generally open any suited broadway hand from any position when there's an ante, but it's also fine to fold them from early position. I would definitely open from MP1 or later though including at micros.

    Limp/shove from SB is mainly based on stack sizes. At 15bb, if you limp your opponent will probably check or shove. But at 25bb, there is a good chance your opponent will raise small instead and then you can limp/shove to get fold equity plus a nice risk/reward ratio.

    Hope that helps and glad you liked the video!
  • Pakichu777


    Hi Collin. I wanted to compliment you on this video, and your work that I've seen accross the years.

    I think you're exceptionally skilled as a teacher. (I'm sorry, I'm unfamiliar with you as a pokerplayer).
  • elvinho


    Nice review. Tks!!!
  • CollinMoshman


    Thanks Packichu and Elvinho, appreciate the nice words!
  • ivele


    Check-call, check-fold. Opponent can bluff!
  • dudus18


    Nice gameplay ! I wait another next video!TY!
  • NIamen


    Useful one, even for experienced ones too, good job man! 😉😎
  • mardibg


    I am more a player for mtt, so I do not have much experience on sng, after the video I was encouraged to play in a similar way .... an unfortunate defeat in the HU in the end but much can be learned from the oven ~ 40 min
  • LazyFoxx


    Great video, thank you for the job done!
  • aceking20RNMD


    Great video
  • adasko99


    very valuable video, thanks :) when is the next one? :D
  • Tiagonilo


    Ótimo vídeo! Apesar de não saber falar inglês fluente, deu pra entender 50% do vídeo hahaha!
  • GuTa


    is This a turbo STT? or regular time? do you recommend us to play regular or turbo for building a bankroll?
  • JohnCenaFA


    what about the multi table sit and gos? do you play them guys?
  • AlcopopDK


    I really like ur videos Colinn - this one is no exception :)

    Would be nice to see a reverse on the AA v AK hand. How would u play this hand from villains point of view?
  • bjorklund25


    Great Review!
  • PecPokerNL98


    nice video.
    what you doing iff the table is agrasive in mid game and you cant get a good hand dealt
  • klinikatrstenik


    This was informative as I am currently switching from cash to tournaments. Now I'm thinking about single table sng's.q
  • flxorian


    Great Video :)
  • Spencers


    Thanks, once more Collin. I like to hear your voice, it is chilling but still listening to valueable content. :) You DEFINATELY made me a better player and gave me that amount of edge, that i beat the small stakes (as well with others like Fallout86, GE5STerne, Paxis, bencb, BIG NAMES! THX