Looking For Interesting Spots at NL200 Zoom

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Our coach oblioo is back with a pretty interesting mini series, where he is looking for thought-provoking situations that will allow him to make creative +EV plays such as overbetting.


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  • veganstyle


    interesting applications of the overbetting the turn ;)
    thanks for the video
  • dardoolb


    Can't wait to see that
  • lolohebic1


    nice video gj
  • mlatasrb


    Hi. Why do you overbet good draws IP on the turn? Sure you have +EV bluff, but i think that it is better to bet like 85-100% pot size with good draws, and overbet river if busted. Because on such drawy boards OOP villain has so much trouble defending vs 2x, has to overfold a lot, so i think it is better to overbet on the Turn hands that have showdown, like weak pairs, even some A high with flush blocker (which can bet river if another flush card comes), with such hands sometimes you even with on River when get called. OOP on turn i find ok to overbet such draws that you picked, but IP i think that with 2x you loose a lot position advantage with such draws.



    Just like he explained:

    1. Villain's range as played will on average have less strong hands then Hero, thus as a result Hero can put max pressure.
    2. This action will set up a river shove nicely

    I don't understand why you put weak pairs in your overbet range, while these have still good equity to make the best hand by the river
  • stealyourblinds


    dont like it
  • BEAN2010RNMD


  • Player06


    good video but way too short though. should be minimum 40 minutes.
  • kacsa1st


    #8 +1
  • oblioo


    #4, Could you provide a timestamp?

    #6, Is there anything particular you don't like, so I can try to improve in the future?

    #8 noted.

    everyone else, thanks :)
  • VaSJoKeR


    #8 +10
  • suitedaces1701


    +1 to minimum 40 minutes. +100 to 10 hour video from oblioo :D

    Pardon me for referencing your other video, but asking about a 2pot cbet poker snowie spot made much more sense in the snowie sizings (2) video (I ended up asking about a pot size spot lol). I'm afraid that it's too old and you won't get a notification.
    The 2pot spot was 872r btn vs bb.
    Approaching with: we have advantage, but we don't cbet 90%+ range with small sizing so we polarize? Or our value is far ahead and air is far behind, so we're already balanced with polarized? Both?

  • Zolotarsp


    I'm gonna say to you what a nice girl once said to me: it's great to have you back, I enjoyed it a lot, but let's try and go for longer next time, ok? =D
  • Pcwell


  • mlatasrb


    #10 I referred to all overbet bluff spots that you had in video, i mean in general on wet board when villain is OOP and you can discard big % of strong hands from his range when he calls flop cbet.

    #5 I find weak pairs very good to overbet IP on turn because you block his calling range (some 2 pair, sets), you have showdown on river so when you check you win some % of time. Surely raising strong draws is even higher EV but betting standard size with strong draws and then overbeting river is also very +ev. I just don't see need to put best draws in overbet range unless villain bluff raises vs overbets or overcalls.
  • mlatasrb


    "This action will set up a river shove nicely" Why does it matter at all to set up shove river nicely? It is all about what bet sizes has highest ev (by observing fold equity for each bet size, equity vs defend range), it has nothing to do with setting up river shove nicely (that was a way of thinking several years ago).
  • MatthiasPohl


    nice vidéo, looking forward to see another