Climbing The HUSNG Ladder - $7 Limit

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $7
  • Heads-up
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Our coach moves up in stakes to a bit more serious limit, where you will encounter more regular players. Find out what adjustments to make in order to beat the $7 limit. Enjoy and leave a comment below!


1 on 1 heads-up honigmund HUSNG low stakes sit and goes sng turbo

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    15:13 78s: How often you will check turn with 3x, 22? I think villain will check turn really often once facing raise on flop so seems pretty questionable line. Would you make this versus reg? Well I suppose some K2 could take this sort of line as thin flop value/equity denial.

    25:40 57o: Not really thin to check-raise though quite nitty for villain to not 3bet J high flush. I would often bet because I think villain is really often checking river with some showdown value after checking flop and turn.

    31:00 K5o: Could have shoved preflop as well considering its imo bit strong hand to limp-fold and he had been aggro but also not good enough to induce. Flop shove is bit problematic? I think we isolate ourself often versus Tx and good draws. If villain is making light raise with gutshots those have easy fold. We also do have backdoor flush draw which give bit of protection on board runs.

    37:30 K8o: Considering you have done lot of light calls I think its totally fine to bet pot with Ax.

    50:44 Q4o: Would be clear limp-fold to me preflop. Lot of bad things for this hand. Easily dominated and really bad postflop playability. Suited would be fine. I think postflop was fine.

    51:20 Q7o: Would tend to bet river. When he minbets river its even close to raise imo. Just tough to see him taking line like that with better holding and we have seen him hero calling.

    52:20 A4s: In vacuum call is probably fine but with this history I think he is value betting often. Surprising though that Tx wont lead turn imo.
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    Nice, thank you!
  • CucumbaMan


    It's great that this is available on silver level as well!