Climbing The HUSNG Ladder - $1.5 Limit

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $1 - $2
  • Heads-up
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Welcome to the first video of our new HUSNG/MTT coach honigmund38. The series will lead you through all the HUSNG stakes, giving you a lot of advice on how to beat them and climb the ladder. Enjoy and leave your comment below!


1 on 1 debut heads-up honigmund HUSNG microstakes new coach sit and goes sng turbo

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  • nsavov


    Awesome video!
    The first hand I think its a really good merge bet OTT at these stakes readless.
    Other than that, great!
  • tonypmm


    When I saw the video on the list, my first thought was, 'I need to ask honigmund when he's going to record a $7 video so that I refrain from playing at that hour' :D But then I saw that the series is about turbos, not hypers :) It still contains valuable info for me, though, as there are times at turbos when stacks get shallow, of course.
  • CollinMoshman


    Congrats on an awesome first video!

    I particularly like the discussion for the J9 hand on 854 about when to check back scare cards that seem at first like they're obvious barrel spots. Really looking forward to the rest of this series.
  • Primrose6789


    VERY GOOD! And I got SO MUCH better in HU (my weak spot)!!!
  • BrunoWesleykk


    very very good
  • Kogologo


    Always nice to see some HU SNG content
  • danilkin1988


    awsome it's best wonna ia see
  • VViolinka


    very very good
  • CucumbaMan


    Thanks for the nice video! I can't wait for the rest!
  • Mantelo


    Very clear voice, certainly not the 1st time you are making a video :)
  • honigmund38


    hey guys, thanks a lot for the kind words. i really appreciate the feedback cause i def want to make sure that you get a great hu series! :) what do you guys prefer for future videos, a review like that or would you rather like some live play? also which stake should be next? i havent played 1.50s-7s in a bit but i assume that the level of play between 1.50s and 3.50s is somewhat similar so does it make sense to go straight to 7s?
  • Redwinee


    great vid, thanks for that :)
  • Redwinee


    also, IMO it would be really nice to see some live play at 3,5$ before going to 7$ :)
  • honigmund38


    hey redwinee, i agree with you, what kind of ladder would it be if we just skipped some steps? ;) next video will be on 3.50s turbos!
  • SMler1


    Thx for a great video! Imho a review is much better than liveplay, because of the possibility of deep analyze and explanation!
  • BlackDat


    Good play!
  • Primrose6789


    Yeah, reviews are better and I personally would whish to go slowly, like from 1 to 3 then to 7. Oh dear, I just comes to my mind that I have no more excuse to shirk learning HU! But Honigmund already made it, that I like HU a bit more :)))
  • aceonetheriver


    Hey, thank you!
    yes please, could you play 7s and 15s. Live! ?
  • Primrose6789


    Live play would be on twitch? YES! This would be awesome AND video reviews! Both would be great.
  • Cobalik


    Very good!
  • GroovyShark


    Great video! Yes we need more of your HU Games analyzes! Great input!
  • murek7


    please more
  • cms81


    excellent video with loads of valuable info thanks bud ;)
  • gamon76