18-Man SNGs Session Review

  • Nagrane treningi
  • SNG
  • $7 - $16
  • Full-ring
(5 Głosy) 4502


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Our SNG guru reviews the games he played on 18-Man variant. Enjoy and leave your comments below!


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  • ghaleon


    11:20 JTo: I would say its not bad spot to bluff and go for multiple barrels. Your range has so much that connect on KQ9 that if villain is thinking player you should get lot of credit by double barreling. Of course versus unknown or recreational it might be tough to get QT or K8 to fold.

    24:30 AA: Would you call if e.g. BB has you covered here? At that point I would definitely have flatting range but yeah here we are not really deep enough for it here.

    25:11 55: I think this is actually decently close and I doubt smaller pockets would be good. Those small stacks should call really wide and because of that our fold equity plummets and so value of these small pockets go down.

    37:44 T9s: Interesting looking spot. Because I think SB will often look to team play here in direct bubble. Sometimes its like AA trying to lure but way more often likely team play idea. In which case you have great price to call with high equity hand like this as you are going to see all 5 cards way more often than in normal situation.

    QQ in 30$ I would most of time shove.

    1:02:00 A6o Would bet 700 and call shove. Problem of shoving is that we should be isolating ourself versus almost just better hands. So its sort of overprotection.

    1:04:00 K2o: Likely ok call though as SB had been passive I think it can be close. Also one side of coin is that by calling here stack situation can be lot worse for ICM abuse. So to preserve current situation I like to do folds with breakeven sort of hands. But yeah this could be bit too good. Not sure.

    1:07:25 73o: I dont really like turn semibluff. You have only really low flush draw so I would just keep this in check-.fold range and see if I can see free river. If you had like 57o with spade then gutshot plus bit better flush draw would be nice to stab.

    1:09:16 J9o: Villain has been limp trapping already and seems to limp only so I would personally check this hand. Plays good postflop and its too strong to turn into bluff.

    1:15:50 AA: If SB had folded would you some portion of time mix AA into flatting range versus BU reg minraise?

    1:16:50 KQo: Calling from SB versus 3bb open is awkward at best. With 20bb I would be happy to shove. and this is close imo.

    1:19:50 About SB play. Only 3betting or folding is definitely mistake from SB. It always comes down into positions, stack depths, opponent reads and such. But yeah I would say 3bet should be quite a lot more common play definitely than flatting versus raise.
  • jmbean2


    did ghaleon said everything about the vid? sure no but too long to comment to be consistent! Good analysis!