$300k Spin & Go Review with SpinLegends Coach spin4play & handebraken

  • Spin & Go/Twister
  • Spin & Go/Twister
  • $30
(10 Głosy) 8484


A member of Diamond SpinLegends team has hit the biggest multiplier on $30 stake and played for $300k. Together with coach Alvaro "spin4play" Romero they review the action. Find out more about SpinLegends.


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Komentarze (11)

od najnowszych
  • tonypmm


    Congrats to handebraken! Such binks happen almost every month in any large stable like SpinLegends, but of course, in specifically handebraken's career, it's an extraordinary event.
  • spinnwin


    Please buy a new jumper with your winnings ;)
  • LarryUnderwooD


    awesome, good work!!
  • cvetan777


    good job
  • Demon3y3s


    LMAO @11minutes.
    Open raise with J 7 offsuit with a 300 k pot srsly???
    Loool,worst action i have seen someone do that is supposed to be decent .J freaking 7 OFFSUIT raise for trying to steal a 1.5 blind pot.
  • Surogini


    Very good work! I have seen your benefits in poker, your career is impresive! Keep going!! regards from spain!
  • mrawesme777


    wow just wow :)


    Demon3y3s, "300 k pot" - I think you meant "300 k prize pool", not "300 k pot".

    I am not going to explain it (I can't), but let me give you something to think about: do you think the guy who called the push would have called with - for example - J8o ( which is better than J7o ) in a $300k prize pool?
    Remember/know sklansky concept?
    "It takes a better hand to call a raise than it takes to make the raise".
    Also, J7o was not even the worst hand to shove with on that spot. lol
  • EasyRush


    I hate small pocket pairs.. I've lost so much money betting on those..
  • EmGi3City


    Nice, thanks
  • ihmac53


    unfortunately i can relate with EasyRush on his post:)