The Big $22 Win Review - Late Game & Final Table

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $22
  • Full-ring
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Collin reviews second and the last part of The Big $22 victory run by our hero. This instalment focuses on the most crucial stages of the tournament - late game & final table. We strongly recommend to watch the first part before this one, it is available here.


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Komentarze (16)

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  • Kornowell


    Hi! Min 24:00 i totaly agree with you, after utg open and a shove from midposition that cold flat looks Very Very strong!! opponent knows Very Well that utg might overshove there, for this reason He s so strong there!
  • LordRo0ck


    Thats nice, thank you...
  • CollinMoshman


    Kornowell, I definitely agree the flat looks super strong. Tricky spot for Hero!

    LordRo0ck, thanks glad you enjoyed the video.
  • Swist87


    Very sick run by hero :)
  • lila28


    Great video,

    Last hand at 37:00 with 74 on river. Would you make exploitable play by choose different sizing if you actually was bluffing with missed draw to make it look like thin value bet/not loose huge part of stack when get called? or would you try balance your shoving range there and shove also bluffs (knowing it not that crazy for him to call off tx)?
  • mityooo


    good video
  • Arthur998


    Nice vid
  • Aeros201


    Keep it going, nice tutorial.
  • unisural


    Отличное видео
  • s0cru3l


    Hey Colin,

    around 5:30 T7s, I would go for del cbet, because I dont really have good playability on future streets+ I think he would bet his strong hands on turn so when he checks I have higher FE and also I still have some good hands which I check and then bet for value. So I like decbet more, what do you think?
  • s0cru3l


    22:00 97o I know we will open super wide (ATC), but isnt it better to make bigger sizings than normal in similar spots? F.e. 2.5x or 3x?Normal regs will probably never play back against it agressively, I expect them to fold more hands pre and also call with some hands they would re-steal vs stnd sizing.
  • s0cru3l


    I would also flat AKs, because of the reasons you mentioned.
  • s0cru3l


    32:15 Q6o would rather cbet...we have solid equity, folding out 6outers, cant continue vs any bet OTT...also our SD value is rather marginal
  • s0cru3l


    thanks hero for his HH and thank you Colin for review, nice vid! :)
  • lila28


    Hey @s0cru3l, nice ideas from you, at 22:00 would you open 2.5-3x with all your hands there or particular ones you don't want get played back with?
  • JohnTheGreatest


    Thanks, Collin, once again! Great explanation of the game play/plan.
    1) Agree on AKs hand for flatting, cause his line (calling 3b shove) looks strong
    2) Liked the heros play and Your explanation on 79o hand (having double gutshot)
    3) Really liked last hand as it's interpreted as busted draw

    So - I'm having some good I deas now.

    Thanks a lot! :)