Flip the Flop - Raise sizings and balance

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In the second part of his series about taking the initiative from the preflop aggressor Somnius is going to answer more of your questions, including why we need to be aggressive, how important balance is and what difference do different bet sizings make.


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  • mymyshor


    i dont understand... you focus all the action on the flop.. you say that we have to have x% bluff and y% value like is not any card to come, is this a good asumption ? cause if we use this way to raise flop,then we raise flop bet 100% turn ship river 100%.. our range becomes to strong ... and also you put bluffs whit 30% equiti.. i dont knew how to calculate 100% right, but another thing to take into account KQ cant be bet bet 100% on the turn and river because of a bad runnout that can come.. in fact on any A or the turn or river our hand passes to be trash... you have to take into account that you have 2 more strets to goo... ... sorry for my english answer pls if you understand somthing.
  • w34z3l


    Initatial value:bluff calculations are only correct in a river situation. Flop situation must take into account further action. 100bb deep will usually work out closer to 2 bluffs for every 1 value combo since we can continue betting the turn with many of our bluffs.
  • Somnius


    @ mymyshor can you pls provide timestamps - in general though yes this is very oversimplified

    @ w34z3l ye - I def am oversimplifying the process for the sake of this video - apologize for that

    Realistically - a raise on an earlier street analyzed in a vacuum is virtually meaningless taken out of the game tree and included in a video of this context - which would require the whole video time for one hand to be justified properly.

    At the least - these videos can provide some ideas.

    Thanks for the feedback
  • mymyshor


    i was tryng to point what w34z3l said but in a worng way..
  • alendelon911


    good video
  • CryingAce


    ya i thought when we have for ex. gto we should bluff 24 Combos
    now youre telling me 6 Combos ...

    Is it 2: 1 Value/Bluff otf
    Or 2:1 Bluff/Value ?

    Without Expploiting someone..