Exploit the Micros

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $1 - $7
  • Shorthanded
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Collin will play 8 tables of 9man turbo SNGs from $1.50 to $7 buyin in this video. He emphasizes on wide iso-raising, exploitative raise/folds, and devising optimal postflop lines, all with the goal to take advantage of the common mistakes on the micro stakes.


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  • darkonebg


    Enjoy this video and leave your questions for Collin in the comments below!
  • BHSurfer


    nice vid like allways, would be nice 2 know if u won vs that 45vpip guy that owned u during 3handed game
  • kliklaklawitter


    He had this guy covered, so I guess he
    won 'cause the table didn't pop up again
  • DrPepper


    29:00 upper left: You are shoving 63o at the bubble and I'm like WTF? Nash gives you a 25% range here. There is NO way that is is anywhere near a profitable play. You say that the players look tight but tehy have 5 blinds and this is a 7$ 9-man. If anything the will all too much there.

    Also in the beginning of the video you shove 77 for 11 big blinds into 7 people. Also way to lose. Nash starts with TT and suited broadways there.

    So in conclusion, Mr Moshman, I think it's time you study your Nash a little more! :-)
  • DrPepper


    actually the 63o hand is at 29:48
  • DrPepper


    One last thing: In the very last hand you shove 87s against a minr. I don't understand that at all. You have 8bb in that HU and so his minr will be strong probably at least 80% of the time imo (with some players it's ALWAYS stong). I would rather flat here than 3bet shove. We get 1:3 with a good equity hand that plays decently oop. Almost nobody plays your HU stratgey with r/f under 10bb, especially on the stakes. This minr is almost always an induce.
  • fallavena


    Nice video.
    But Im agree with drPepper about 63off.
  • CollinMoshman


    #2/#3: Yup, finally got him in the end!

    #4 DrPepper: Agreed the shove is too wide, I show 63o in Nash here as -.45. Given that the big blind is 10/7, and I'm willing to take a BE or very slightly negative spot with a 6bb stack post-ante, it's fairly close, but still a fold.

    For 77 let me know the time stamp and I'm happy to comment. 87s is a Nash shove, against some players the MR will be stronger and we should still fold.

    Tyvm for the comments/feedback, and when are you coming on my Weds coaching? :D

    #7 Fallavena: Thanks.
  • atanaz


    Great vid, thank you! I would love to watch more about 7-15 STT turbos with your comments. :) I'm intrested in any type, live session and session review as well.
  • Trerrii


    Hey Collin!

    I really enjoy your videos but I think the video quality should be better. The visibility of some numbers (especially hud stats) is quite poor which shouldn't be an issue in 2014 :D. I am watching your videos in 1080p, whatever that means in this case.

    I dont know if the quality is poor on your side or pokerstrategy.

    Looking forward to your next videos.
  • Trerrii


    The 77 Hand DrPepper was talking about is at 14:25 upper left. I would shove here 77+ as well. TT+ is way too tight in this spot imo.

    The 63o shove is interesting imo. I think we can shove a little more than 50% here, making 63o quite a clear fold. Looking at the nash calling ranges the BB range looks pretty realistic in game but the SB is probably going to call looser. On FGS which is more accurate here its even something like 99+ AJs+ AQo+ for the SB. There is no way the SB is folding a Hand like 77 or AJ in that Situation in game.

    All in all there is no real incentive to push looser than nash in that situation since it doesnt we wont gain much of an advantage and the calling ranges are already realistic or even too tight in SB's case.
  • CollinMoshman


    #9 Atanaz: Thanks! And will definitely do that with 7-15 STTs, nice suggestion.

    #10 Trerri: Sorry to hear about the video quality issue, when you watch in fullscreen do you still have these issues? For me it's much easier to see clearly in the fullscreen version, hopefully that helps.

    For the 63o hand, I would shove wider than normal because of the big blind's stats, but do agree that 63o is too wide and the shove was a mistake.

    Thanks very much for the comments and feedback.
  • whitedragon10


    Dear CollinMoshman!
    I would like to ask you.
    What is the different in bvb with 10-12bb between 3x/call, and the push?
    In the given one spot why push / why mr/3x ?

    Thanks for the answer.
  • Trerrii


    @ Collin

    Yea im always watching in full screen. Its not like its unwatchable but the quality looks like it is from 10 years ago and its often hard to see certain numbers :D

    Also the format seems weird. Looks like 4:3 with the huge black bars on the sides in full screen. It should be 16:9 or 16:10 for modern screens.

    Don't get me wrong. Its just that the visual aspect really falls behind the great content you offer in your videos. In the end its not really a lot of effort to improve the quality while making your videos even more enjoyable to watch.
  • bujaek


    HI Collin,

    really nice Video, Unfortunately it is not a 6max Video like the Titel. :(.
    Maybe you can produce next time one:)
  • SiKWiThIt


    Great Video Collin,

    Perfect amount of tables played to not feel overloaded with fast information.

    Thoroughly enjoyed, Thank you
  • MHW1983


    Video says Shorthanded (5-6).
    Descirption says "Collin will play 8 tables of 9man turbo SNGs...".
    Video contains 9man turbo SNGs.

    Me = sad Panda, was looking for 6man turbos
  • RuiVieira78


    Hi there... I'm just confused about min 36:40
    The bb had JJ you shove and says the call of bb with JJ it was a close decision ?
    I dont understand if NASH ( using icmizer ) says it range will be 48%
    So he got JJ is a 3% range is not a good call or maybe its my english and I did not understand it well
  • UziClick


    Nice vid... I would love to watch your video with one table focus only and with the leaderpoint chart open to see how the play and range affect the stack size during different levels.
  • Kugelrund


    Video says Shorthanded (5-6).
    Descirption says "Collin will play 8 tables of 9man turbo SNGs...".
    Video contains 9man turbo SNGs.

    Me = happy Panda, was looking for 9man turbos