Hand Reading in the Hypers with Jaxtraw and BernardC

  • Nagrane treningi
  • SNG
  • $55 - $200
  • Shorthanded
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In this session both jaxtraw and bernardc will review postflop situations and hand reading, explaining their thought process along the way.


6max hand reading hyper turbo sng podcast Shorthanded Theory Video

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  • darkonebg


    Enjoy this coaching by jaxtraw and bernardc and leave your questions below!

  • School47


    Thx for this video!
    But what about other hands in replayer? so many hands were not commented by coach!
  • jaxtraw


    Hey Guys,

    You might want to start the video 6 minutes in, this way you do not have to listen to my technical difficulties :)

    Hey School47,

    We were planning to do an hour lesson, and wanted to make sure we did not run out of hands.

    If you guys want us back let the admins know by comments/ratings. We would be happy to another possibly longer lesson in the future.
  • pceetje


    Very interesting coaching,
    Keep it comming!!
  • Gavron23


    Minute 58 the 67 hand bet on the river - i understand the whole notion for him always cbetting A high board and then being weak checking twice, but what is your purpose of your river bet? You have good enough showdown value vs brodways or small pp's, the only better hand that is maybe folding is a better 7 or a weak 9?
    AQ hand on the river 60th minute - its interesting to me to hear your game plan had you not hit the river - what do you do if he bets again on for example 2-4 on the river or a K or J river. What do you do on those rivers if he checks - would you take your SD value on a low river card like 2-4, adn are you inclined to bluff on a J or a king had he checked?

  • jaxtraw


    Hey Gavron,

    The reason why Bernard bet's the hand is he thinks villain is folding pocket pairs, given his early position raise, it is a decnet part of his range. PP also goes with his turn check, as it has SD value, whereas if he had air he would be more compelled to bluff turn.

    Remember this is a reg, so Bernard believes villain is not going to think Bernard turned his hand into a bluff, so he should fold everything except an ace.

    In the AQ hand Bernard doesn't bet the river there if he misses because he has been repping exactly what he has the whole way, and villian will probably not fold pp.

    However, he thinks villain might try to get him off his Ace (he is a reg too), therefore Bernard would call almost all river spots.

    Hope this helps.
  • gobedan01


    Will there be any new videos from this coaches? Waiting with interest!
  • ghaleon


    15:00 K9o: I would not expect villain to be cbetting almost always as this is sort of flop that hits well in your range. So imo its reasonable that he would just give up some portion of total air hands and probably not cbetting that much AQ type of hands.

    Villain river bet is indeed very small. I would expect it to be thin value bet most of time. Though with history it can also be nuts that goes for small value that you might look up some portion of time and at same time as inducer for check-raise bluff. But 7x is very small part of his range. So to be scared of that he needs to have bit wider range like sets, top two.

    Though I do disagree that one should make raise just to evade showing hand. Not big enough reason to turn good showdown hand into bluff...

    42:00 AJo: For BB villain he should be calling turn and check-calling river. I dont really see reason for donk betting river. Turn check-raise would make more sense than that.
  • Timontana


    Good trollvideo