$11 Freezeout Review - Finishing The Win Off

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $11
  • Full-ring
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Rodgethat finishes his review of his $11 freezeout win on PokerStars with a review of the final table


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  • lila28


    Nice video. I have few questions.

    Why at 6:00 you are using 9/10max (stt) in icmizer payout and at 22:45 you are using 18 players Icmizer payout?
    At 24:00 what is our 3bet/call range and what we prefer to float?

  • lila28


    sry, mistake in original question, At 24:00 what is our 3bet/call range and what we prefer to flat (not float)?
  • rodgethat


    #1 was having troubles with icmizer at the time, the pay structure I believe was correct just keep saying single table sngs for some reason.

    I assume your talking about the A10s in the sb hand, My range for 3bet calling would be A10s+ 77+ ( will be wider/tighter depending on villain ). At the time thought this range was appropriate vs him.

    Also would be flatting a lot of hands that flop well that I think are to thin to 3b/call like kq, qj,j10s, etc.

    Hope that answers your question, Thanks for the comment!
  • lila28


    Thanks. It answered my questions.

    Looking for new videos from you. :)
  • ShovingLoose


    This video helped me a lot :)