NL $10 SSS

  • NL SSS
  • NL SSS
  • $10
  • Full-ring
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Niestety nie ma dostępnego opisu do tego filmu.


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  • mouse89


  • Sonydahaka


    Ok, nice vid
  • Pe4Ce2


    No intresting hands at all, only strict playing SSS
  • Smileyphil


    With the AJ hand we have 1 overcard and the gutshot giving us 7 outs. Maybe we discount one incase they have AK, AQ? What sort of chances do we need to think they will fold to make the all in profitable?
  • Schnitzelfisch


    02:27 he's in the early, not middle position...
  • molekpl


    ThomasTheKing - bardzo inteligentna wypowiedź i komentarz do filmiku . . .
  • tokyoaces


    You complete AT then hit top pair and don't bet? What kind of line is that? If you are going to take a shot with cards you should at least following through otherwise you are just throwing money away.
  • Zboora89


    ma 42:48 ;]
  • Fancy1989


    Nice,very entertaining lesson.
  • Rexara


    Some thing on this video is out of date if you compare it with todays SSS-strategy.
  • gedwashere91


    Suitedness isn't mentioned in the SHC for shortstacking... How come you mention it in the hands? KJo is a bad hand, but could you play KJs from the button or blinds?
  • dbm050


    All in all, i don't think he made any profit. Maybe it was the tightness of the tables, but it seems to me that most FR tables are tight.
  • wtfdude


    SSS isnt best way how to make profit but its still nice strategy for begginers or bonus clearing..

    Btw at 6:00 u limped with ATo and then when u hitted the A on the turn you didnt bet coz you said that u have weak kicker.. I dont understand then why did u limp. Did u think that u can hit fullhouse on the flop or what? :D And there were more mistakes but I assume its becouse this video is kinda old.
  • stretchi187


    okay sorry but in ehlish isnt really for Me.
  • MIM1C


    old times :D
  • vandervelde12


    Nice,very entertaining lesson.
  • SuperChompa


    nice video !
  • Vampiir142


    I dont uderstad for using grafic like this. Table with sitting people arround. Simply grafic is much more better.