Pink Performance - Part 2

  • NL BSS
  • NL BSS
  • $25
  • Shorthanded
(33 Głosy) 10491


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TwiceT continues the action with vonki in the second part of Pink Performance.


Multicoach Pink Performance

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  • EuanM


    Enjoy the video and please keep the comments in English!
  • BillyTheGoat


    YESS! Another one of these!
  • MudSpawn


    Die Russen-Midstacks auf Party 3-Bet/Folden fast immer!
  • pinkmonkeypl


    My performance is very, very, VERY weak... :(
  • kenthmp


    why is the video size super huge? 582mb... noooooo
  • nunopires


    @4 nice question!
  • Alverine


    amazing tought process @ folding K high flush
  • kyhlze


    TwiceT you should really consider buying a new and better microphone the quality of your voice is so low and it's a real shame cause the quality of thoughts are so high! ;-) But seriously I think you should think about it.
  • luckylooser88


    Very nice video, I'm looking forward to see the whole series.
    It's funny how always the first post saying "keep comments in English" and still there is always some german post
  • TwiceT


    @8: muhahahah, true. i think it would just completely blast everyone away if the video quality would be great as well :D

    na, but rly: for part III and IV i have my bro's headset. best gaming headset in the world he said. costs 150€ lol. ne we'll see. tell me if u like audio next part ;)
  • vonki


    Hope you guys enjoyed! don't be shy to comment :) We'll be recording part 3 & 4 shortly which will be on NL50! Stay tuned <3
  • r4zor


    a very good vid... so many deep thought process in marginal spots...

    i would consider a vid about only 3bpots which vonki is the 3bettor and as the 3bcaller :)so we can improve her game in 3bpots

    anyways, the series is awesome and i cant wait for the midstakes coachingvids :D gogogogo!!!
  • TingelTangelAA


    learned a lot, thank you very much - and my new favourite poker word is the OVERNUTS ;)
  • inlovewithamsterdam


    great, great, great. loving the thought processes and explanations.

    some feedback: the video cuts through some of the things you say; it seems to jump sometimes which results in one or two seconds of action being skipped. Ex. ATo OOP (~38:11) - Vonki (most likely) says "and I squeezed" but all we hear is "and I...".
    I'm sure it happened two or three times in Part 1 as well.

    Nonetheless great effort.
  • vonki


    really strange, Ive watched both the videos but I haven't noticed any parts skipping :( He has a new headset for ep 3 & 4, so hopefully won't happen again. Sorry for that guys :)
  • yomatiyo


    Again, I just love her voice (L)
  • doctorkgb


    Nice video. vonki your play was rl good. I enjojed watching it.
    TT, please don't stop explaining wide, because this is the way to start thinking about ranges and "close" spots.
    Can't wait to see another one. Great job.
  • yomatiyo


    Dont make the next vid shorter!! please make it longer =P U are a geniuos
  • SPeedFANat1c


    I would have called K high flush, I think they sometimes don't know how to win a hand and the only way to win is to make flushes to fold, and he was successfull in doing it.
  • InsanityOnFire


    Awesome videos, thank you very much.
    Helps a lot
  • Tombic


    Great video. A lot of bright ideas for me. Keep it up :)

    Vonki, what kind of software are you using for notes? It's not original party poker notes
  • TwiceT


    she uses the note taking feature from holdem manager
  • shetius


    Found this seria kinda late. But wow, you are amazing! Girl with nice voice, LOTS of thought process by coach. Also it's nice that Hero doesn't have any tedious trivial leaks that coach would have to spend time for. Just loved all that. Thanks so very much!
  • shetius


    Found this seria kinda late. But wow you are amazing! Girl with nice voice, LOTS on thought process by coach. Also it's cool that Hero doesn't have tedious trivial leaks that coach would have to spend time for. Just loved all that. Thanks so very much!
  • Avatars91


    One question about that A9 hand: what are you trying to represent by a raise?
  • Avatars91


    One question about that A9 hand: what are you trying to represent by raising the flop?
  • Benji009


    @ 26: reraising is just a profitable play here, because villain would lay down lots of hands he would donkbet the flop with. K9, J9, smaller pocket pairs, all those hands would fold and prevent a difficult spot on the turn should he bet out again. However, if villain calls here, we can easily give up the hand because we know we're beat. I don't think he's representing anything specific with a raise, just a strong hand like e.g AQ.
  • timbo158


    TwiceT about the A9 hand @ 33 min.

    You say he will fold Qx but how do you know? Isn't it common enough on micro's to stack of with toppair?
    So do you mean you should do it vs somewhat of a low WTS like below 25?
    Or should you wait till you know villain doesnt stack off 100 bbs with toppair medium kicker?

    plz elaborate because making villains fold toppair is very +EV but on the other side if getting FE would be so easy, getting value would be a lot harder. I hope you get my drift?

    Very good video on whole but this just struck my eye
  • RandomGenerator


    #28, yep, that is fun. TwiceT saying that this guy is never ever calling three barrels with QJ, while I'm observing such stuff almost every day :) they just cannot fold top pair
  • DeMarcohsp


    Very nice analysis in the K high flush on the river hand. That's how a pro think about a hand!
  • jakezz


    Jenna, you're so cute.