Shawn Sheikhan vs. Mike Matusow

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Shawn Sheikhan and Mike Matusow bicker at the 2005 WSOP Main Event.


2005 Fight Matusow Sheikhan wsop

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  • MattKaufman


  • Ml1989


    classic dickheads!
  • Falco35


    Yo, aber Sheikan ist schon öfters "unsympatisch" aufgefallen imo. Ich mag den Idioten nicht!
  • Infiesta


    Matusow menudo retrasado cuando le dice "lo que quieras lo hago" y el otro le dice, ok paga y insta foldea, ahí es pa pegarle un buen castañazo a matusow...
  • Wriggers


    To be fair I think Matusow was in the right there at the start, i'd probably have the same reaction if some guy basically tells everyone his hand whilst i'm in that same hand playing for a lot of money :D
  • harrystarks


    Der hat schon Doyle übelst angeprollt !
  • harrystarks


  • JazBenz


    i normally dont like matusow but his reaction is understandable and the other guy blows up cuz he got critisized for breaking common poker etiquette lol
  • GoldenHands


    Mike knows people... Baad people...
  • Palmero92


    #4 lo que ha hecho sheikan es mucha más peor, y bueno, mike es como es. Fue claro que reaciona así
  • forndran


    hat matusow ihn wenigsten geslowrolled in der letzen hand ? :)


    Ich liebe Sheikhan! Wenn der dabe ist, wirds immer unterhaltsam.

    Was war das eigentlich für ein Event? Main Event?
  • DELETEDM_3945785


    #5 is right, Sheikhan should have got 20 minutesban .. T
  • Arcanis23


    so ein spasst
  • stevegold87


    agree with #5 and I really have the feeling I am watching childrens fighting in the school yard!! lol "YOU GOT WHAT YOU DESERVED FOR BABY"
  • oArlekino




    Viendo estas cosas solo me doy cuenta que con lo que sabemos nosotros, nso faltan 100k para invertir nada mas.
  • Tictacx


    epic :D
  • EmmaDauwe


    Lol, if you say something more it will be 20. A way to shut up children.
  • Shatterproofed


    lol mit matusow is ja schon harter stuff :D
  • ironhoffi


    i dont like matusow but this guy is a *** asshole
  • Zmejus


    :D nice show it is a boks or poker?
  • TheBaraka


    #21 +1
  • TheBaraka