$24-$36 SNG Live Session with lessthanthreee

  • Sit and Go
  • SNG
  • $22 - $33
  • Full-ring
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lessthanthreee is back with a new video. This time he reports live from Fulltilt and will comment on a session he played on the $24-$26 SNGs.


FullTilt Live Video

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  • FishermansFriend


    Enjoy the new video by lessthanthreee!

    Please keep the comments in English!
  • Brounxin


    finally im in one of your vids!
    Didnt play one hand :(
  • lessthanthreee


    I go 0/8 in this video. told you guys i would try my hardest to run bad. Enjoy!

    Make sure to post any comments, feedback, questions.
  • lore8928


    in 25:30 table 3 u said u shove nash equilibrium, and that J4 is far far away, J4 have a push ne of 5,4bb, exaktly what u have, and the most probably he is not playing perfect so for me is an easy shove
  • lessthanthreee



    SB 65.6%, 22+ Qx+ J2s+ J6o+ T3s+ T7o+ 95s+ 97o+ 85s+ 87o 74s+ 76o 64s+ 53s+
    BB 50.8%, 22+ Kx+ Q2s+ Q5o+ J5s+ J8o+ T7s+ T8o+ 97s+

    J6o is the bottom of nash. So this is a fold.

    And yes, he is playing perfect nash. I have a huge sample on this guy, i have very good reads on him and he has good reads on me.
  • zamoda


    that reminds my sessions :)
  • dobermann123


    Have you a link that explained in depth this nash equilibrium in sng?
  • Justaperson


    0/8 wtf
    Hey - no need to cash to learn something. Great video again and great explanations. I multitabling the $16´s and aren´t exploiting other players tendencies enough ... maybe i play some low-volume-sets to get in the habbit of doing so.
    Thanks and keep on the good work!
  • lessthanthreee



    this should get you started
    ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nash_equilibrium )
  • michalwhu


    It's nice to see so many your vids. Great, as usuall.
  • zamoda


    btw, when you try to make a decision to steal or not, you seem to look only at vpip/pfr stat (or you talk only about them). I look at fold bb to steal... VPIP does not tell how often they put money in when they are not first in, just a general hand range.
  • Demonic226


    I was very suprised that you folded 67s from CO at minute 26.28. What ranges do you put the players on here? I mean 67s is basically the nuts for me in this spot when you are so short. Even if I give them very generous ranges it's still about BE, which I would definitely take here (I put them on 20%, 16% and 26% from BUT to BB)
  • kurrkabin


    Man,I feel bad for you,u ran quite unlucky in this vid.Good explonation and solid play as usual,just few spots I don't agree with.
    -25:01-bottom left-I call there w A9o in that spot.55 bb deep,next hands u'll have to shove against reg,short stack and a loose big stack.
    -27:36-bottom left-I would've shoved 78s there UTG.There are 2 players to call you loose-BU and SB and the hand is usually coinfliping against their range.Next hand u loose fold equity against anyone.
  • Proky11


    27:47 I would shove 78s - its ideal spot to take -EV because we have 4bb and blinds behind back ;)
  • lessthanthreee



    i think VPIP/PFR is the first stat to look at because it will give you a general indication of how loose they are and how passive/aggressive.
    fold bb to steal is also good, but you need good sample sizes to make it somewhat reliable.


    i put them on 25,15,35 and its only -0.17 . i should be taking this edge and probably a bit wider. definitely a missed spot.


    A9o - knew this was a close one in game. only reason why i was hesitant to call this one was because its an unknown shoving the HJ for a decent stack. i would not put his range above 15% in this spot. and with 15% its -0.5 call. I dont want to take any negative call here on this fishy table (even pushing into a reg), high probability of walks or people making stupid limp/folds etc... wizard suggests ATo+


    87s - with my estimated ranges i get this as a -0.4 shove. Its ok to take around -0.5 in these spots so its another close shove that i missed :)
  • santostr


    Great video. Nice spots to talk about.
    Practice more coin flips IMO. That way we can have more buble spots in the next video :)
  • stevegold87


    great video, ty.

    Too bad you ran so bad...but it's also good to know that even the best have bad sessions! hehe
  • RajkoDr


    May I ask what tracking software did you use here?
  • lessthanthreee



  • Tim64


    25:00 TL (K5s); a). Are you also doing this raise/call line (with the appearance of strenght) with AA in that spot or rather shoving AA to look "weak"?
    b). Again, you say that his calling with JJ confirms your read that he is tight. Rly not sure we can conclude that. If he called with 89s we can conclude he is loose and if he mucked JJ, and showed the fold, we can conclude he is tight. But calling with JJ is just looks standard.
  • Tim64


    29:45 BL (33) Related to earlier comment (and only a minor observation); when you raise this hand and call off your last few chips on the flop 1.) potentially you allow people to stop and go - as in the actual hand - and 2.) the effect may be that, from a HEM luck adjusted p.o.v, more of your money is "going in bad". i.e. 33 is flipping vs J4s pre flop. Postflop on 4xx you have only 10% so HEM will "unfairly" mark you down in this situation. As I say, its a very minor point and ofc, the main thing is to make the play with the best $EV.
  • Tim64


    30:38 TL (AQ) Just love the withering tone of voice where you say: "thought we would have fold equity when he flats with 66s; apparently not." :)
  • Tim64


    30:50 BL (KQs) You shove here, instead of raising to say 700. Can you explain how you decide when to shove and when to raise/call an exact amount (in a situation when you can always profitably shove, I mean)?
  • Tim64


    32:40 BR (KK) Not to harp on but... I guess observant ppl will start to notice if you always shove the strong stuff and always raise an exact amount with 33/KQ etc.

    Anyway, awesome video - a lot to learn - thanks!!
  • lessthanthreee



    - Its purely random, some days ill just shove in that spot with everything. sometimes ill make it 99% of my stack. its definitely not related to my hand strength at all. Yes, I didn't explain that accurately. It certainly helps my read, but its not a confirmation by any stretch. What I always tell people is that its good when you get called by big hands, because your opponents are calling too tight. It's when you start seeing loose calls constantly that you need to adjust.

    - even fish know they have no flop fold-equity when i have 95chips behind. Although, that's an important point you address. When you do this, you have to raise enough of your stack so that even the fish can see you are committed. Who cares about HEM, if I can get 1 more fold out of 100 doing this, ill take it.

    - Once again, its purely random. If there was a reason behind it, it would be exploitable.

    - same as above, purely random.

    I mean.... no its not... please all you regs reading this, I always have AA when I shove. When i make it 99.5% of my stack its weak.... yeeaaahhhhh.
  • iNspiRe


    Hey there, lessthanthree!

    Here is few questions for you from russian community:

    Can you please explain your limp with A2o at the end of the video? 41:02

    Can you also explain your fold with AKo? 3:22

    Appriciate any assistance

    Appriciate any assistance!
  • lessthanthreee



    A2o , the limp is effectively a shove. I limp so if 2 other players are AI behind me I can limp/fold and try squeeze into the money.

    AKo , I find that people 3bet very tight in those games. Because he is 3betting my EP open I put him on a QQ+ AK range. However, even against this range i think it would be OK 4bet shoving because of the dead money created by the BB. I think this may have been a mistake in the video, shoving there is the better play. I must have been a huge NIT back in March haha.
  • sn0wman88


    nice flat call with JJ t50 with a 46/22 opening... LOLZ