WCOOP Main Event - Part 2

  • MTT
  • MTT
  • $5200
  • Full-ring
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Aaron Lambert continues his review of the main event WCOOP run he did this year.Part 2 has blinds starting at 100/200 and finishing at 300/600


high stake PokerStars series Session Review WCOOP Main Event

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  • CBFunk


  • Wills


    11:30 like in the first vid, I dont like bluffing those boards very much. he can flat your bluffy-like cr with nearly any pocket pair, especially when he knows you a bit and watching you cr those boards so often. with the small bet on the turn I guess he really has AA/KK or Qx

    14:45 dont think this guy shoving has a really big hand. he just adepts vs your aggro plays and is going broke vs you more light than vs the open raiser. guess he can have 99-JJ, AQ there too - or even more

    22:45 like that play much more than the cr on paired boards. guess u should think about bluffing paired boards the same way, because both boards are very dry and you polarize your range with cr alot (hard to balance this)

    that ALFFRANZ is really a joke, checked his opr. nice that you sucked out on him on the first hand (68o), guess he was steaming vs you afterwards

    30:50 bad luck for you, but u obv played it correct :)
    just give him a note and dont be upset

    33:00 most pple on higher stakes raise 56s from EP, so thats not too much of information about that guy. ofc u get alot of folds there, but why are u bluffing with a hand? would 3bet him there with air (or hands u call a shove with obv) and call with value hands like 88

    35:40 blockbet river vs which hand? unless ur not very often ch/c the flop with air, you always have some sd-value there. he should know that and wont call u on the river with a 3 or K high I guess

    last hand 6To vs fish: ofc he is calling you VERY lose because he is the fish, u also knew that before :D
    he also was mad at you because the hand earlier, so I dont like you playing that 6To at all. if you play it pre (oop, for me a no-go there) you nearly have to go along at the flop. if you go along at the flop you nearly have to bluff this river...and knowing you are vs a very bad player who calls alot, this hand just sux from beginning to the end

    other weird plays you just admit by yourself so i didnt reply to that

    nonetheless I like your aggressive plays in some spots really much!
  • AaronLambert


    Thanks wills I like your input.

    First hand with the Ch/ra I do it here because of his stacksize. If he elects to play he is making the decision to play his entire stack. I expect to be successful here most of the time.

    2nd I have started to see people play AA, KK like this more. I think you'd be surprised :D
  • AaronLambert


    ya I hate check calling and I feel like if I check he is going to bet. He will do that with K-high also so it is just a way to make it a cheaper way to get to a showdown. I think ch/folding is better knowing A-high is most of his range.
  • Olorion


    spew less pls ;p
  • kingpowl