[HM2] Problem z zakupem

    • Dominik1993
      na forum od: 10.02.2012 Posty: 58
      Zakupiłem holdem managera 2 za pomocą karty skrill i wysłali do mnie email o następującej treści:

      Thanks for your recent purchase at holdemmanager.com. Unfortunately, your payment has been flagged by one of our security filters, please do not attempt to resubmit your purchase. A representative is currently examining your transaction and requires the following to proceed with your purchase:

      Please contact sales@holdemmanager.net with the physical billing address associated with the credit card used to make this purchase.

      It is possible that your funds have been placed on hold by the card issuing bank, should your transaction be declined it may take between two and four weeks for these funds to be processed and returned. Please note this lag time is due to the card issuing bank and is beyond our control. Please do not reattempt your purchase prior to speaking to one of our sales representatives.

      Zdarzyło się to komuś? O co może im chodzić ?
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    • spinek
      na forum od: 27.09.2009 Posty: 6 017
      Cześć Dominik1993,

      Tak, to się często zdarza przy zakupie HM2 kartą. To dodatkowa weryfikacja dla bezpieczeństwa. Wyślij po prostu swój adres (taki jaki masz podany na Skrill) na sales@holdemmanager.net, a płatność zostanie zaakceptowana i dostaniesz licencję.