[PT4] Problem z zakładką leaktracker

    • MrJuskux
      na forum od: 10.01.2009 Posty: 1 003
      Tak jak w temacie. Gram na ipoker 6max SH . Jak wybiorę na zakładce Leaktracker opcję leak analysis pojawia się komunikat " no hands found that meet the selected criteria".
      mam ustawienia
      game: holdem
      stackes: low stakes
      table size: short handed
      bet type: no limit/pot limit

      Gdy zmienię bet type na fixed limit wówczas program zaczyna zliczać , ale ja nie gram fixed limit i leaki wykrywane przez program ni jak mają się do rzeczywistości.
      Spotkał się może ktoś z tym problemem?
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    • boxer82
      na forum od: 04.02.2009 Posty: 4 476
      Stara odpowiedz z supportu jak jeszcze była beta. Problem dotyczył Unibet ale mysle że pomoze

      Sorry for the delay getting back to you - we've had a lot of support requests with the expansion of the PT4 Beta program.

      Thanks for sending us your hands. The problem seems to be that the hands are not classified as 6 max when they are imported.
      MicroGaming do not specify the table size in their hand histories but (when the Automatically Apply Treat As option is enabled) PT4 should be inferring this from the number of active players. That doesn't seem to be working for MicroGaming hands, though. I have reported this to the development team to be fixed.

      Once the hands are classified as 6 max LeakTracker will detect them correctly.
      If you want to update your hands now you can do that via the menu Database > Adjust Stakes.
      Click the column header to sort by Stake.
      Click the first session and then shift-click the last session of the same stake to select all sessions for that stake (assuming they are all 6-max, otherwise you'll need to select them manually, or wait for the fix).
      Change the stake information so that the correct stake is shown, including (6 max).
      Click "Change Stake".
      Note: this will take some time to complete when updating a lot of sessions, so please schedule it when you do not need to use PT4 for anything else for a while. You could also break the process down by doing a few sessions at a time if you prefer.
      Repeat for each stake.

      Once the stake has been updated to include the 6 max tag then LeakTracker should display results correctly.